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HoloGuard Fixed Asset Labels

Hologuard fixed asset labels and fixed asset barcode labels are produced / personalized in-house on our digital press.

These asset labels are suitable for items such as photocopiers, computer base units, keyboards, mice, desks, furniture, monitors including TFT screen, plasma screens and other office or class room equipment.

The prices of these labels has been standardized in order to keep your selection as simple as possible.

We offer these labels in two materials, - permanent desctructible white and matt silver voiding. The material you choose really depends upon how you intend to use the labels.

Permanent Vinyl Labels

The permanent white ultra-destructible label stock is better suited to situations where tampering is not so important - the white labels can withstand scuffs and picking quite easily and these labels can conform to the shape of the surface much more tolerantly than the silver voiding labels.

Matt Silver Voiding Labels

This stock is ideally used in situations where tampering or attempted tampering need to be visible. Situations suitable for this may be memory slots and covers, component enclosures, cd | dvd jewel cases, entry doors and so on.

We offer competitive pricing on low and high volumes of these labels.

HoloGuard also offers tamper evident labels, warranty void, calibration labels, property ID labels, security labels all with a 24 hour turnaround!

Let us know how we can help you with your tamper evident Asset Labels and property marking needs.

We offer a very quick turnaround - for more info please contact us