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Our protective tags for assets

Our tags are used in SME businesses, NHS PCT's, primary and secondary schools along with many other educational and business applications for the marking, control and identification of valuable assets such as IT equipment, laptop marking, computers, cameras, phones, plant and machinery.

laptop with asset tag applied

Tracking and locating

The tags assist in locating the whereabouts of this equipment and also provide a strong deterrent against theft. When you combine our tag solutions with an asset register you can create a map of your equipment and can control it more effectively.

Many insurance companies recommend that there is a sufficient security mark on your higher value items and as more personal and confidential data is being stored on laptops, portable hard-drives and other devices - it is imperative that these item's don't get stolen or lost, without a mark to show who owns them or a number to reunite the item with its rightful owner.

Barcoded tags

The barcode is included to prevent errors in entering or retrieving a number or the alpha numeric code. This is not compulsory, but if you decide to upgrade to a hand held scanner, it will save you having to re-order a new batch.

The scanners usually plug into the computer via the pS2 (keyboard port) or USB (universal serial bus) ports. They are very easy to use and can save time and errors when entering data into a database or register of items.

The numbering is usually sequential, however we can work with irregular sequences which you can supply as a text, csv, database or excel file.

Asset tag materials

The tags we produce are available on many different types of materials to suit your application. Whether you need highly durable anodised metal or aluminium or high protection permanent vinyls, or a tamper evident VOID (voiding) materials, through to a cheaper solution for basic asset tagging, we will have something that will be able to help.

The materials we offer will prevent or show attempts at removal, tampering or swapping and provide protection against cleaning chemicals, light, outdoor and extreme weather proof conditions.